How to make her husband jealous not

How to make her husband jealous not
 Groundless jealousy, regardless of the strength of its manifestation, can ruin even the most strong and romantic relationship. To get rid of jealousy of her husband, to try to find out its true cause and remedy the situation by their behavior, conversation.
 Never ignore the fact that her husband is jealous of you. This feeling can cause destruction of your family. Do not be silent, and immediately print out a husband for a frank conversation - you may need a few days or even months to ensure that he has agreed to discuss the issue, but it's worth it. Jealousy is often caused by two main reasons - an occasion that gives wife his behavior, and an inferiority complex and a lack of confidence in its appeal it to her husband who suffers.

Begin to raise self-esteem men - compliments, praise it, often expressed his admiration for his personal and professional qualities. Do this not only when you are alone, but also in the presence of children, relatives, friends and strangers. Do not compare her husband's former beau acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors. Even if you think another man, someone's husband, the perfect family man, a worker or else stand out for themselves, then this should never know your husband - not to admire other men in his presence. Spouse should always feel unique and the best for you about any competition even speech can not be.

If you give a man a reason to be jealous of you - are late after work, often without a walk or go to a party, then you should pay more attention to her husband. Give up an emergency works, delays after work, go on holidays and weekends - family should be more important to you working problems. Try to spend more time with her husband - go to travel together, walk together in the evenings, look for joint exercises. Do not stop at lunchtime, eating with their male colleagues, invite your husband's company, where appropriate. It would be nice if you met with family friends husband, therefore, initiate a joint holding celebratory feasts, going to the cinema and restaurants.

Prepare your man tasty food, interested in his hobbies, always asks him about how the day went. Do not hide anything from her husband, behave openly and naturally - the more you hide, the more reason to be jealous of a man appears.

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