Family life: joint purse

Family life: joint purse
 Since the beginning of life together many things are changing in the usual way of a young couple. Have to solve multiple domestic issues, and one of the challenges facing the new husband, a joint management of the budget. Should the couple have a joint purse who and how much money there is to make what will be spent this money?  
 The classical model of the joint Soviet-era purse - this is when a husband and wife all the money put in a common purse. This amount is spent on utilities, buying food and travel, has been postponed for a new car or a vacation. Additional costs are discussed separately spouses. What you need in this month: buy new shoes wife or husband lure? And well, if the family in this matter come to a consensus.

Another version of the joint purse - when a husband and wife put into it a certain amount (if their wages roughly equal) or a percentage of salary (if one is working on prestigious positions, and the other gets the least). Money from a joint purse again go to utilities and buy food and clothing and entertainment each pays himself. If money is not enough, you can borrow a partner, subject to the following pay salaries.

Joint purse and can not be, if finances and husband and wife allow them to live independently. For products Pays took with him the money, pays utilities who appeared near the bank. Money is not translated, it becomes clear how much someone who is owed. This way of joint farming often chosen by people who marry at a mature age, who are used to plan their expenses on their own and do not want to change anything.

Often happens when one partner earns only (usually the husband), and the second deals with housekeeping (usually the wife). Despite the seeming logic of this division of labor in such a family may have reproaches from her husband that the wife of an idle, even though much of the housework she performs. Husband, sitting at home, and she is able to convince myself that it is useless and does not deserve a penny. In such a situation better to paint a pair of their duties. For example, a wife should keep the house clean, feed her husband and do not forget to walk the dog. For the husband gives his wife 50% of their salary. And the signatures of both spouses at the bottom of the sheet.

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