Combine budgets: from the private to the general

Combine budgets: from the private to the general
 You started to live together, and sooner or later before you question arises as now keep your budget. Each of you used to spend on their own earned money, and now you have to learn to manage your money together.
 Choose a location where you will store your money. This can be a common table, if you are using only cash. Or a bank account to which you both have access.

Discuss how will replenish your budget. Tell each other what salary you get and in what numbers. You might decide all the money at once put into the general budget. Agree on how much money a month each relies on personal expenses. The money you can negotiate immediately leave at home. Personal money you'll spend on everyday needs: travel expenses, meals at work. Also in the amount of the money is better to include spending on gifts to each other, to your other half did not know in advance when it will be a surprise and how much you spent on the show.

Most often controversial question of how to spend the money general, any purchases must be coordinated with the partner. First 2-3 months conducting joint budget, you can record all your spending. And then you will know the main expenses of your family budget. You determine how much money is spent on food, housekeeping, what it costs to buy clothes, how much you spend on entertainment and how much you can put off.

Plan your budget for the coming month. If you use cash, take a few envelopes and place them money for certain costs. For example, according to your calculations turned out that restaurants and movie do you spend 5 th. P. month. Write on the envelope: "Entertainment", and put him in the right amount. So you can manage not to exceed planned expenditures.

Rest of the money set aside in a separate envelope. Arrange anything from it do not take no discussion of future expenses. This means you can spend on buying expensive and rare, for example, to buy household appliances or tourist permit. If both of you are willing to spend all the available money, but want to learn how to store, open a bank account or replenished contribution. Refers there all alone in front of the new wage funds and do not remove them unless absolutely necessary.

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