Civil marriage: a marriage it?

Civil marriage: a marriage it?
 Currently we increasingly hear such a thing as civil marriage. How does it differ from the present marriage? Why do young people stop at this version?  

Marriage - a legally binding relationship between a man and a woman. He is registered in the registry office and provides certain legal consequences. Under civil marriage cohabitation is commonly understood, therefore, man and woman are boyfriends, not husband and wife.

The youth of today very well learned the concept of freedom. They position themselves free in everything: clothing, behavior, relationships with the opposite sex. Marriage for them is associated with the loss of freedom. In addition, they do not want to take on additional responsibilities, which will surely arise in marriage. This is a manifestation of a certain irresponsibility, which is typical for most young people.

For some couples, there is an opinion that civil marriage - is a kind of rehearsal, a sample of family life. Conclusion of the marriage due to the organization and conduct of the wedding, which requires considerable amount of money. Couple decides to live without registration yet. Over time, some of them are registered in official relations, but many leave.

In a civil marriage are often born children. In this case, the pair faced the fact that his father has to adopt their own child. Over time, the parents can not provide children with some family traditions, because they themselves do not comply. This is wrong. The very concept of the family loses its value. And hardly a child who grew up in a civil marriage, wants in the future to issue official relations.

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