Adultery: who is to blame and what to do

Adultery: who is to blame and what to do
 Treason - a serious test for the relationship between the spouses, as because of the scandals and accusations in a family atmosphere is heating up, and often ends up in divorce. But as you know, the crisis does not necessarily lead to the collapse - it can become a basis for a new level of relations.

Betrayal makes you wonder spouses on many issues, in particular, the one who changed, can not understand - why did so his partner, who is to blame, and whether to forgive betrayal? In such a situation, first of all, it is necessary to be honest with yourself and think about all costs if your behavior is the cause of infidelity second half.

Do not immediately blame the person that cheated on your spouse or any of the external factors. Infidelity causes can be many, but often they are rooted in the fact someone changed, so it is important to identify them. Perhaps the partner could not get enough attention, he did not feel respect, tenderness, or he needed support, which he did not find. Or maybe you've stopped to look after themselves?

Contrary to his grievance and pain to the victim of betrayal will have to accept the situation and understand their feelings - whether he / she forgive infidelity. Important in this regard is whether the repents one who changed. Return the lost trust is difficult, and will require a lot of time, but to those who still decided to forgive infidelity, you must do everything possible so that during conversations or fights not reproach happened partner, as nothing but new scandals, it will not do.

To the spouse who has changed, you must ask for forgiveness and not only in word but in deed to prove that sincerely repents of infidelity. In addition, a prerequisite for the preservation of the family - a rupture of relations on the side. It is necessary to reflect on what was the reason for wanting to change and possibly correct, but honestly explain the problem to your loved one.

In addition, you must meekly stand manifestations of anger and frustration on the part of the partner, as it is a normal reaction to such a situation. After that, although the relationship and will be very tough, but necessary, step by step to strive to gradually converge with the partner and re-establish a relationship of trust.

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