When the present becomes the former

When the present becomes the former
 Your world is destroyed. You do not want to believe it, convince yourself that you are not understood, but he makes a mistake, which, come to their senses soon fix. Yet, the fact remains that he is now - the former, and you - abandoned ... He's gone, it was over.

Recognize that these relations have become the former. What else to do? First, do not blame yourself (and humiliate, saying that you were not good enough for him). Secondly, one should not be afraid to wander through the same squares and look in the same cafe, where have you been together. Third, do not start hating all men (or, at least, promise yourself more they will never trust).

You can grieve, cry and beat the pillow. You can speak out, and in this case, the listener does not have to be a mom or best friend (any person who, they say, will fall when you "itch" colorfully tell about their grief). You can slowly drink a glass of wine or overturn a glass of vodka ...

Fear not then remember how much time you have been with this man together. It is better to calculate the exact number of days or even hours. Calculate 10% of this time. Now that is how much you have to allow yourself to remember it (sighs heavily, view photos, tenderly stroking his gifts, etc.).

You once reprimanded, but it seems to be insufficient? No need to repeat the story of your breakup all ten times - so you have friends and confused. It is better to write about the problems the World Wide Web - a blog, forum, etc. Most likely, there will be easier to talk on the sore subject. In addition, it is often the Internet people find them right at the moment type of support ...

For relatives and friends who in these situations are often very much annoying need to prepare neutral phrases - "We broke up," "We are no longer together," without specifying who gets dropped first. Sympathetic respond positively, "What am I unhappy? On the contrary I was lucky! "" Yet it is not clear which one of us need to feel sorry for, "" Finally, I'll start a new life! ". Actually, maybe he's gone because you wish to do so? Not to represent the victim and avoid the details of which can be used against you.

You may need a psychological "ritual" to let go of the past. For example, to record their feelings in a beautiful notebook, bought especially for this. Or in the name of separation dovyazat blouse, started six months ago. Or read any book. Or walk around the city with new routes. There are many solutions.

Throw away his things at the same time ... You can even get rid of the items, just reminding about it.

All that you have been - an important experience. This kind of education - not free, but it is not very expensive and.

Especially because that your man is gone, there are obvious advantages. Be sure to look for them - rather than to flee to seek a replacement to the one who left you. Live a just for yourself to until now finally become the former until you calm down and will not be ready for a new period in my life.

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