Terms of office romance

Terms of office romance
 If the work takes all my free time and privacy do not have time, where else but an affair at work? Or maybe you're married and family life is not successful, and you're looking for a little romance on the side? However, setting the stage for an office romance, no one wants problems. If you know the difficulties you may encounter and be careful, problems can be avoided.

The first and most important rule - a Secret! After all, if the team finds out about your novel, you will not allow them to enjoy. You will soon everyone will give their full attention, even before you no one noticed, will subtly hint at your lover's relationship with other girls, maybe yours will follow, and it is not all that capable staff.

The second rule - is to support stable, smooth relations with the team, not to talk about his personal life, and the most interesting questions of colleagues try not to give specific answers. And most importantly, avoid sensitive issues, not to accidentally let out. And, in any case, can not yield to provocations, because their reaction, you can tell a lot more than we know to others.

The third rule - do not throw in the office articulate views on the beloved, it is not necessary to look for work time for hugs and kisses. This will only awaken interest from colleagues.

Most office romances occurs on the basis of common interests, because of the permanent location next to one person. But there are also cases that office romance develops into a serious sense and becomes the basis for a happy family life. The most important thing to notice, in that it can grow, and if it's just a novel, do not rush to open its second half, so as not to destroy his family. Indeed, the novel could end at any moment. And if he was your boss, then you can stay out of work and more.

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