Fallen Fortress

Fallen Fortress
 Which only useful tips we do not find in the pages of newspapers, magazines and on the Internet. Especially a lot of counselors in interpersonal relations. The authors will tell you to lay the shelves, how to marry and divorce, to bear and raise children, how to get along with in-law and mother-love. Did not escape the attention and advisers topic conquest marriage darling (darling).

Algorithm conquest heartthrob sort through, developed step by step instructions. Authors convince the reader that the above method has the highest efficiency, guarantee 100% result. Except that the authors of these tips do not specify what will happen next. Imagine you take the advice and did the trick. The fortress fell, your partner will look after you. What will happen next? But there are two options. Will continue to be a family, or a conqueror lose interest in the property and begin the hunt for the next one.

The point here is not so much in the way how the motives of conquest. Well, if the initiator of the "hunt" really loves his subject. In this case, the motive is to create a family, the desire to be with someone you love, the desire to obtain an adequate response to their feelings.

Increasingly, however, these methods are used, they say, just for fun. Learn some skills, "hunter" is beginning to gain "points". These people collect the win. And when fall another fortress, lose all interest in her, search for the next victim. Contrary to popular belief, hunters are not just men. Increasingly, young women choose their path queen of hearts, tossing aside family values.

Be subject to the application of such capabilities "conquerors" is not easy. On the one hand "Siege" is carried out according to the rules. Beautiful courtship, seduction, gifts, romance. Pretty hard to remain indifferent and resist. But stay with a broken heart after the "hunter" got his way, even more difficult.

To avoid unnecessary heartache, make inquiries about your boyfriend might have pulled him trail of broken hearts. And if his sincerity makes you doubt, try to immediately chop off all relations and contacts without having to wait until you get hurt.

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