Why men meet with his former mistress?

Why men meet with his former mistress?
 This perfectly legitimate question often asked by the legitimate wife or girlfriend's new men now and then met with their "former". And even though the multi-faceted women's thinking, it's really hard to comprehend. After all, if a man breaks up with a woman, finding a new passion, what these bouts of nostalgia and endless reasons to be jealous? Well, in this case, there are several possible versions, and they are based on the causes that lead a man to escape from the former girlfriend.

Quite often the reason for this may be unfounded. It's no secret that in today's world, people can meet not only with far-reaching and serious intentions. Reason for the meeting may be sex or just a friendly disposition, the similarity of interests or, to be honest, frank curiosity. And it is quite logical that such relations will sooner or later come to an end, most likely due to the exhaustion of mutual interest. But after a while, mindful of having a great time, a man can experience a craving for that which gives him the friendship and affection. And who could blame the malleable nature of men in a similar attraction?

But there are also more complex situation where the man was truly in love with the one with which then had to leave for any serious or prosaic reason. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, not every love leads to a wedding. And one day, returning to his thoughts of love that warmed him for many days, a man can easily call and make an appointment woman, once awakened in him such feelings. And if after a breakup has been a long time, the conversation can get quite interesting, as a rare gentleman is not interested in the details of life once beloved lady.

And if these meetings are not of a serious nature, current girlfriend hardly be over-worry and torment themselves with unnecessary suspicions. Because in it there is a positive side. If a man is seen calmly with former lover, so he is able to civilized and healthy while maintaining mutual parting. A definite plus in its favor. In addition, he hopes that the full confidence of his new passions, and, in turn, to repay her the same. And this is a good indication of the fortress and maturity budding relationship.

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