Point gap

Point gap
 "Put an end" in a relationship with a loved one is to conclude that these relationships do not suit you. Disappointing, people dare to break. Virtually every person in my life encountered such a problem. What reasons can push you to sever relations with my boyfriend?

No matter how complex the relationship to "break point" they have organized. No matter how long they have lasted all this time you were together, meet, exchange energy, something meant for each other. You were comfortable with each other. But sooner or later the relationship would lead either to something serious, or rupture. Why is there a gap?

People who are in a relationship or should complement each other, or be similar to each other. If over time it passed, the union may be threatened rupture. Previously, two people were harmonious relationship and common ground and suddenly, someone one has changed significantly. If the other partner can not accept these changes - the relationship crumble.

Psychologists say that the discord in the relationship is often made by relatives who climb with his advice in the lives of two people. Because of this, there are quarrels and disputes resulting from domestic violence, differences in child-rearing. If the couple does not have the wisdom and patience - the gap is inevitable.

Sometimes it happens that love is long gone, there was a habit. Partners already decide, they remain close to each other, or better to leave.

Sometimes people break up because of the "syndrome misguided expectations." Just one man did not wait that was supposed to make partner, according to his own ideas and fantasies. In anticipation of generating power, the weeks, months, maybe years. If partner expectations were not met, there is a break.

The reasons for separation are different and, as a rule, the gap has fallen on hard. Man begins to feel guilty and dig into yourself. After these points and breaks people are becoming more wary and closed to new relationships. They fear repeat of the situation and are increasingly beginning to control a new relationship. More offended, jealous, do not trust the other person.

But this is your real life, not a rehearsal relations. The quality of the relationship depends on you. Learn to build a relationship with my boyfriend. But if the gap is inevitable, accept the situation as it is, release and remove the human experience. Life goes on and you are sure to meet your future man of "that."

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