How to throw him out of my head

How to throw him out of my head
 Nature gives the talent is not love each person. Entering into a new relationship, you need to understand that this may not be for all, and the separation is likely inevitable. Well, if you're lucky enough to meet your other half, then leave and do not have to.
 If the rupture occurred, and your favorite made the choice not in your favor, have the courage to admit it. Perhaps it did not in you, and most often a man goes not to the best woman, but to the one who knows how to get his attention by his behavior. Hunter instinct in men developed very strongly. Woman, which dissolves in love for a man, very quickly bothers him, whether it three times the kindest, beautiful and loving. The lady you want to win, will always look in the eyes of men more attractive. Perhaps it is unfair, but who said that everything in life should be fair.

Wait until the new girlfriend made a mistake and your partner will come back to you, it is not necessary. Your forgiveness, he will be regarded as a weakness, and the whole history will repeat itself again as soon loomed on the horizon a new victim. Who betrayed again, do it again, and you pay for that disappointment nervous breakdown. Is not it better to strike the traitor out of your life and start to live again?

It is not necessary to poison the soul memories of happy moments, think about when your ex boyfriend started to behave differently when he first began to deceive you, and whether such a person to give up their power and love, whether he deserves it? Sometimes a person really makes a mistake, but in this case it acts honestly and directly, rather than by stealth. Analyze the behavior of your friend in certain situations. If he proved himself worthy, was honest with you, thank him for it, and release to the world. Apparently, he just is not your destiny. If this man did you mean, then regret nothing, we must honestly admit it.

To make it easier to go through this difficult time, get yourself a task that takes all your free time. Do not forget about your friends, communicate more, to visit relatives. Change your image if you have long hair, a haircut, sometimes a change of appearance can affect the destiny. A nice way to escape - to get involved in the repair. On the free time will have just forgotten. Take a look around, believe, once you were destined to part, then, new love is not far off.

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