How to shake the relationship

How to shake the relationship
 Unfortunately, love boats often break on the way of life. So it was and always will be. However, there are many ways to shake up the relationship, to regain the passion to ignite a sense of fading.
 Routine grabs and twists the people in the cycle, and they quickly lost in the greyness days. Think about your relationship with her lover: before you could talk for hours, could not live without each other any day, felt a thrill when a sound of his voice, but then it disappeared somewhere? This situation is typical: candy-flower period ends and gives way to a holiday weekdays. Do not attempt to return the days gone by, you still will not be able to resurrect the past - it is better to create something new, even more beautiful.

Go along to another city, but rather in another country. Forget about the well-fed and measured life in the hotel - go your way, without resorting to the services of travel agencies, renting a flat in another country and stay there a couple of weeks. A change of scenery will help get rid of the old problems and revitalize your senses. If there is no money for the journey - try to do something unusual, extreme. Start a new habit: jump with a parachute, ride a snowboard, etc. Of course, this lesson should like both you and your husband. Diversify and their intimate lives. Go along to a sex shop, buy something and try it out it in practice.

Be creative. Husband went on a business trip? Make a rearrangement of furniture in the apartment, renovate the interior even with the help of textiles, visit the gym to make the figure more seductive. On a day when her husband comes back, leave him a few notes with instructions and warn of the impending telephone surprise to her man a little intrigue. Let him take a bath, drink some wine or a martini, and then following the instructions in the notes come into your bedroom - updated and unusual. There it will wait for a light romantic dinner and, of course, you are a seductive clothing. Before such splendor will not stand no man. Invent their own scenarios, be unpredictable, and if your relationship does not fade.

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