How to keep a man: do not love too much

How to keep a man: do not love too much
 The problem many women in relationships - disclosed. And then complain about the fact that he is such a scoundrel - left her, and she loved it. Why every time to make the exact same mistake? Do not be too fond of men.

All women love problems have the same root. They idealize their men, considering them the best. Woman ascribes to him the qualities that would like to see him, and then she falls in love with the illusion and suffering.

You can not dissolve in men completely, like sugar in a cup of hot tea. You are a woman, and therefore a mystery. The man - a hunter, discoverer. He must conquer, open borders and unexplored space. It is clear that you are in love and want to get close. But in love, as in boxing: opened for a second, and you will strike the right. You must be like an iceberg: only seen that on the surface, and that is hidden water - the unknown and unpredictable.

Separate issue - phone terrorism. Do not keep ringing him all day long. At first it looks very cute and looks like a concern, but then begins to annoy. It seems that you are doing it for close surveillance.

You are in love with him, and you want all the time to be with him, but everyone should be a private space. Loosen the leash, allow him to communicate with other people, regardless of their gender. Not scandals and scenes of jealousy - it is useless. If a man wants to leave to another, he does, in spite of all requests, tears, vows.

Man must see that you do not hold on to it as the last opportunity to marry well. It should be kept in a tone that continually experience the fear of loss. And showing his infinite love for him, you are also self-harm, because he absolutely sure that you are from it is not going anywhere. Allow yourself occasionally flirt and shoot eyes.

Love - this is not the sacrifice and suffering. And in any case, not a selfish feeling. You have to enjoy already on what your chosen one is good. And when the woman "obkladyvaet" the man of her love, she is experiencing bliss, showing everyone how much she loves, and how her boyfriend is not enough. It, primarily driven by self-centeredness.

Adequate man could pull myself together and talk sensibly, even if the heart is torn apart, and the soul burns in the flame of passion. We have to learn to keep emotions under control, otherwise you have one road - a hike to a psychiatrist with a "remarkable" diagnosis of incontinence affects.

If you want to win and keep a man, it is worth to be patient and keep his feelings in check. Of course, should not be taken literally the phrase "do not like too much." It is good that you are capable of hot, strong feelings, not only shows them to his partner in full. In what good it will not.

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