How to believe that he loves

How to believe that he loves
 This woman always wants to be sure that she is loved. It would seem that a man gives gifts, compliments. But if he is experiencing true feelings? Even the words "I love you" is sometimes hard to believe. But actions usually do not fail. This puzzle can be solved by watching the elect.  
 Man himself may not know about it yet, but his love for a girl can tell a lot of different features.

When my girlfriend comes into the room where he is, his behavior is changing towards "poglupeniya." He can make awkward movements, not to speak those words. Often tends to often come close to it, while adjusting his clothes. Hands often puts his belt or in his trouser pockets. Trying quietly to touch the girl's hair. When a young person thinks that she does not notice it, his eyes become "oil."

The young man is looking for any excuse to meet, even if he invented them. Calls on business and nothing to do, constantly asking for advice. When she asks for help, he was the first rushes to help. Always trying to make her laugh and something to interest. When talking casually touching hands and clothes lover and noses of his shoes are always directed to her.

When dancing in pairs, then tries to snuggle close to narrowing and bury his nose in her hair, do not hesitate to surrounding people. Always carefully drawn to things girls. And for the holiday often presents a very original gift and a beautiful bouquet.

With the combination of several of the above signs, it is safe to say that the guy is in love. Now depends on the girl - turned into a love for his love. But sometimes a woman wants to check for love, passion of her husband or lover. Then come to the aid of the following test for love.

Man plans his leisure only in conjunction with the beloved. Always glad to any initiative desirable woman, whether a joint offer vacation or more. Often gives her flowers and small gifts, surprises even on holidays. The company often seeks to embrace his beloved's waist or shoulders. Often arranges a romantic evening, trying to go all out in an intimate relationship. In bed willingly performs all the sexual desires of his betrothed. And even in my dreams pressed to her and trying not to turn to face the wall.

Sorry for his girlfriend, saying something like: "You must be so tired, poor thing." If fiancee fell asleep in his chair, he carefully hides her blanket, holding his hand through his hair and kisses on the cheek. Or picks up and carries on the bed. Disease sweetheart he finds all the necessary doctors, bought a whole slew of necessary and unnecessary drugs.

To her things is very carefully, bringing them their attitude to it. And chooses his favorite clothes only light and bright colors. In conversation always says no "I" and "we." Often takes her hand in the company and in private. Usually comes for an hour, but remains for 3-4 hours. Name sweetheart writes large, clear letters, displaying each letter.

Always nervous when beloved late, or when he does not know where she is. Often calls and asks about the whereabouts of his ladylove, very jealous. Always accompanies her home and often stay overnight if she lives alone. Starts talking about joint children, build joint plans.

Now, having learned some signs of love, girl or woman can easily be chosen to direct the feelings in the right direction and tie a man to himself even more.

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