Most dangerous "trap" for women is hope

Most dangerous "trap" for women is hope
 "Hope - my compass of the earth" - the words of a song familiar to all, and whether they make sense? Where you can make a compass, you probably never thought of. Women can not help but hope, and all because they believe in the best, good. The beautiful half tries rose-colored glasses and amuses himself with the thought that soon things will change for the better, believe that the desired becomes a reality. And this belief is growing stronger by the day, thanks to an endless hope.

You will surely be surprised that hope is on the list of hazards. Here it is necessary to clarify the trap converted hopes addressed to men. Do not agree? Rewind time back, plunged into the maelstrom of memory. Look again by what you had hoped for, and how it all happened. Draw conclusions now, so as not to regret later.

First love, Kolya makes you forget that there is a lesson. Hesitate when he looks at you, blush, passing a note. Do you like him, all childish cute and naive. You expect that he was going to invite to take a walk or conducts home. Nick asks to write off homework, he just did not have time to do it myself. Well, who does not happen? There is a math test, making his own version, you write an option for Koli. He said that he was not feeling well, and the corner of his eye winking at you. Of course, you help Cole, because he gives hope - views, notes, antsy by the pigtails. In my heart you're upset, took another quarter, and walk together and was not, he did not even ask, how are you doing. But you blindly believe in the fact that he is the best, the coolest among the boys, he had so many important things that he was not up to you. You console yourself that little bit more, and he will invite you as soon as available. You hope that likes Cole as he and you.

The first guy. All very seriously. Mom against your relationship, but you fiercely fight for freedom of choice. How can he not like? And the fact that he smokes five years, indulge in a beer in the company that it is seen with other girls - this is a transitional age boys mature later than girls. Or at all, girlfriend, probably envy your perfect pair. You hope that he will soon "grow up."

First sex. Do you think that it should be so. Hurt, quickly, without foreplay, it is not clear where. After all, he is the best. Hope that later on the 45th attempt, you get used to it and you really like it, still warm, deep in the bosom. A far not the 45th time, but you still hope.

Look further, you love your husband with all my heart, and the feeling is mutual. Young family hard, money is never enough, and your chosen problems at work. Work that is, it suddenly is not, strictly speaking, as well as money from this work. This is a crisis, it is a black band, it's all so - you consoled her husband, and he does not need it. It all is well, it is fed, it is washed, ironed and clean bed to sleep put, it is convenient. You are now consoled myself that it's just a little misunderstanding that everything will be fine, and the favorite will bring income into the family. Hope, working three jobs in shifts.

Treason. Penalty, can not be pardoned. No ... can not execute, have mercy. He did not blame it on a drunken head, a terrible fellow to it "jumped" by itself. "He was as bad as he is without me and I without him ..." - Roy thoughts in my head. In defense, with the hope that this will not happen again.

These situations are so different and so similar. Each of them soaked in self-deception, your tears and hopes. You do not look for the causes in men, you look for the cause on the side or in themselves. Anyone could lead to such a finale, but he did not, not your partner. You idealize its quality, taken at face value rusty copper coin. You drive themselves into a trap, built with his own hands. You do not solve the problem, you justify it and hope for the best. This is the best can not be "sated" one hopes. Best (desires and dreams) loves aspiration, a constant work in this direction, eager to work and better informed objective decisions.

Do not allow yourself to cross the line, do not turn that feeling into a trap. Hope - indeed your compass, if you do, and she played with only one goal.

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