Love science, or a little about the education of the senses

Love science, or a little about the education of the senses
 Love - a strong and passionate feeling, a sense of its being inconceivability without the one you love. Love makes people better, reveals the best quality, filled with happiness and makes levitate. But even feeling so bright and beautiful feeling, do not lose your head and forget about some of the rules of science of love.
 Love descends suddenly, when you are not looking ... However, do not rush into the abyss of feelings, both in the pool with his head - recklessly and forgetting about everything. Strong love does not negate the control of their own emotions and the need for continuous work on the relationship, if the feeling is mutual.

 Do not impose your love. Meek feeling causes incredible pain, makes you want to achieve by any means beloved, just to be with him. And she runs spell book to buy allowances to seduce men, begins to flow not to give his handpicked ... All of these actions but laughter or dislike you will not cause any feelings of love object. No matter how much suddenly erupted feeling, do not lose self-control. What you love, do not imply the obligatory presence of feelings in response lover. Keep calm, you will achieve more than an obsession and loud statements about their feelings.

 Do not confuse love with love. Love - a superficial feeling. You just want to be around. At The Moment. This very second. This "love-flash" passes quickly enough - it is better to wait than to have time to hastily enter into a relationship and make a person feel that you, in general, and not needed. But if love comes to replace the desire to build a future together, put up with the shortcomings partner and solve everyday problems together - this feeling is much more valuable and a true love.

 A little goes a strong sense of self-interest only benefit. It is not necessary to bring themselves and their own interests in the second half of the victim and to reduce the meaning of life to a single person. Love-mania to anything good will not. Continue doing things you love, do not stop spending time with friends and pay enough attention to their appearance. The man soon forgive you that you will be late for half an hour on a date than an untidy appearance and potekshy makeup.

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