How to distinguish love from love

How to distinguish love from love
 Not all people can easily understand exactly what emotions they are experiencing a potential or actual second half. The greatest difficulty is to ask yourself whether love or the love you feel in relation to the interests of the individual. How to learn to correctly identify these different, but something very similar feelings?
 If you want a high degree of accuracy to determine whether you like the man or just in love with him, remember how long have you known him, and had you carefully study his personality. Arguably, you could really fall in love with the opposite sex, if you talked to him a little and did not live together at least six months. Cohabitation - this is the best indicator of the depth of feelings. Few couples pass this test, even when they just met and saw each other from time to time in their relationship everything was fine.

Also, think about whether you need to be the object of your attention, if it is a moment lost youth, health, money, recognition of others. Do you feel an inner need to take care of it, sometimes sacrificing their personal interests? When a person really loves, he is ready to make any sacrifice, jump over your head, do everything possible in order to its second half was happy.

True love never counts the number of various benefits and benefits it receives from the relationship. She gives without looking, and does not expect anything in return. If you build your relationship on the basis of mercantile calculation, neither of which love is not out of the question. Most likely, you will be visited by the love that can be acutely felt, inspiring and elated. But, being in love, you continue to enjoy themselves and indulge your ego. You want to be, and not to give up. We can say that love - is the germ of love, still quite undeveloped and weak.

When you catch up with true love, you will realize that is organized around the interests of the partner, not your own. Moreover, it happens by itself, without causing any unpleasant emotions. Also, you will realize that the greatest happiness you will bring a smile and happy eyes of a loved one. Desire to give him joy, caring and positive will be your individual sense of life.

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