Come back, I forgive you!

Come back, I forgive you!
 Creek tortured soul, a burning desire to return to the happy days and throw away all the old bitterness and resentment - this phrase all the things I would like to sincerely believe. But is it just enter the same river twice and return to the past?

Of course, life is extremely difficult, and sometimes conflicts are pushing us to serious and sometimes back-breaking test. But such is human nature that even in the darkest times she allowed to see a tiny gleam of hope, relying only on their own courage and unwavering faith in the best.

Readmit "prodigal" a man is not easy. But if his departure, like a sharp razor, walked through a tender heart, if not it is not the future, and every new day brings only tears and anguish, unwittingly want to stop this destructive and comprehensive pain at all costs. And the price is - pride, self-esteem and breaking his own principles. Not too expensive will this new alliance?

Undoubtedly, women's flexibility and sensitivity capable of much, but it is easy to give the promised forgiveness? And whether it fully? Man is weak, and a woman in love to direct proof. Her willingness to sacrifice his convictions and to make efforts to revive relations admirable. And it is likely that its efforts did succeed. But who is perfect in this world? And vulnerable female soul, once undergone the pain and humiliation, can not be saved in its memory bitter days, and with them the secret resentment, always ready to explode new hurricane.

Therefore, promising to forgive, women are likely to prevaricate, knowing that return to the past will not be that deep moral injury will not completely let go of grief caused. If genuine kindness and desire for good still allow forgive, the memory is unlikely to be so gracious. And all that can be built on the ruins of the old relations - is shaky alliance, ready at any moment to collapse and unprecedented efforts can only livelihood.

However, to generalize all these situations it would be wrong. After all, many examples of restored relationships prove the possibility of true forgiveness and new perspectives. But who knows what pain is hidden behind these happy female faces, which gained back his mate, no matter how high a price was paid for this apparent harmony, and how heavy were the sad days of losing their dreams and hopes.

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