Purple color in the interior: the mystery and generosity

Purple color in the interior: the mystery and dignity
 Purple color and all shades are very interesting solution for the interior of the dwelling. This color can be easily adapted to almost any style. Everyone from finish to furniture and decor purple can look into modern and romantic, gently.
 We can confidently assert that the purple color radiates beauty and a certain charm. Any shade of its interior looks extremely stylish, attractive and luxurious. This color is associated with mysticism and meditation, he is able to create a pleasant atmosphere. House with it can be a wonderful place for spiritual development and recreation. Even a slight presence of color in the room, can add its mood.

Violet in a duet with white create quite a romantic, intimate atmosphere in the bedroom or bathroom. Bedroom in purple tones will facilitate unloading, relaxation and quality rest. For these reasons, it is advisable to choose the furniture, decor or wallpaper in this color for the baby's room. In this case, it must not be saturated and a dark tone. Experts on color therapy argue that well-violet stimulates creativity, which is why it harmoniously fit into the interior of the cabinet.

Use this color in a room can be partially. For example, if the interior is decorated mainly in white, then using the purple can just gloss over it and do much more fun. Will be bright enough cushions in the living room curtains, vases, carpet on the floor, bed covers in the bedroom or any other decorative items. In the kitchen, where the prevailing white, purple, you can add tiles to finish, for example, the apron over your desktop.

To the interior looked harmoniously and accurately, use a combination of purple with only one, or at most, two colors. Most harmoniously with purple black, pink and white. Black can be safely combined with purple tones when you need to create a sense of mystery in the interior. Sometimes it is very interesting ensemble of color purple and red. In this case, purple looks very tempting.

Decorated interior in violet tones, it is necessary to remember that the thick and deep purple depresses the mind and can easily lead to depression. Saturated purple should be used in the interior in microscopic doses - highlights. But muted tones - from pale lilac to purple, can be used in unlimited quantities. That they give the atmosphere of mystery and dignity.

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