The 10 Commandments of eternal youth by nutritionists and psychologists

 Man genetically "Guaranteed" one hundred and twenty years of his life, but in fact our age is much shorter. The Japanese on average live to 79 years, Australians, Greeks, Canadians and Swedes - to 78, the Germans and the Americans - to 76. In Russian and Turkish life breaks much faster: after 67 years. Nigerians and Somalis and even earlier - in about 47 years. An international team of doctors, psychologists and nutritionists developed the "Ten Commandments", following which we will be able to extend and make more enjoyable our earthly existence.  

1st commandment: Do not overeat!

Instead of the usual 2,500 calorie content with 1.500. Thus you arrange unloading their cells and support their activity. The cells are rapidly renewed, the organism becomes less susceptible to disease. Eat balanced: eat not much and not too little.

2nd Commandment: the menu should match your age.

In 30-year-old female first wrinkles appear later if they will regularly eat liver and nuts. People over forty years of useful beta-carotene. After 50 years in the form of calcium keeps bones, and magnesium - heart. Men over forty needs selenium contained in the cheese and kidneys. Selenium helps dolled stress. After fifty, eating fish, we will protect the heart and blood vessels.

3rd commandment: Try to find a suitable job for yourself!

Work promotes youthfulness, the French say. He who does not work, looks five years older. Some professions, according to sociologists, helps to preserve youthfulness. These include the profession of conductor, philosopher, artist and priest.

4th Commandment: find a mate in life!

Love and tenderness are the best anti-aging products. Twice a week, having sex, the man looks at fourteen years younger. During intercourse, the body produces the hormone endorphin, which is also called hormone of happiness. He helps strengthen the immune system.

5th commandment: Keep all own point of view.

Consciously living person much less depressed and sometimes depressed than those who passively drifting.

6th commandment: move!

Even eight minutes exercising daily prolong life. During the movement of released growth hormones, especially production of which is reduced after thirty years.

7th Commandment: Sleep in a cool room!

We prove: who sleeps at a temperature of 17-18 degrees for longer stays young. The reason is that the body's metabolism and the manifestation of age-related features also depend on ambient temperature.

8th commandment: occasionally indulge yourself!

Sometimes, despite all the recommendations relatively healthy lifestyle allow yourself a tasty morsel. And if you really liked a new dress or bag, do not immediately think of the savings.

9th commandment: do not always suppress the anger in yourself!

The one who constantly reproaches only himself, rather than to tell that it afflicts, and at times even to argue, to exchange opinions with others, is more susceptible to any disease, including cancer. According to the results of international testing, 64 percent of respondents suffering from cancer, always suppress the anger in yourself.

The 10th Commandment: train your brain!

From time to time crossword puzzles, play group games that require mental activity, learn foreign languages. Think of the mind, and not just on the calculator. Forcing the brain works, we slow down the process of age-related degradation of mental faculties; simultaneously activate the heart, circulatory system and metabolism.

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