Typology of passion: temperaments and characters

Typology of passion: temperaments and characters
 Individual features romantic feelings and sexual response, their typology long ago became interested people. Already "Kama Sutra" of women and men classified by size of their intimate, speed and strength of orgasm desire. In this famous encyclopedia passion even present recommendations on best practices for combining different types of partners.  

Modern psychology has been established that sexual activity (as measured by the number of sexual intercourse) is fairly stable factor. The type of sexual constitution does not have a strong influence even so important as age. In addition, the earlier wakes libido, as well as the more active sex life in his youth, the more it will be in adulthood, and old age.

In this case, there is a link between personality type and style of sexual behavior.

People who belong to the type of "sex machine extroverts," are the most sociable, active and impulsive. Their light-hearted fun liveliness can infect any company, but their characteristic extravagance and vanity will make a mess in any case. They are cheerful days on end, like music, bright colors, strong impressions and spicy food.

"Tikhonov introverts" - the people of this type are characterized by insularity, concentrated on their feelings and on themselves. They do not seek to communicate and activity, it is enough experience of their inner life. They most prefer cozy, dim lighting, soft music, silence, solitude and coolness.

"Tikhon" is usually difficult to build relationships with partners. After all, their reticence and shyness can be overcome only stable and trusting relationship with your loved one.

People with high emotional excitability and sharp reactions are of the type "erotica neurotics." They appear in stressful situations neurotic symptoms: frequent changes of mood, insomnia, acute sense of inferiority and irritability. They prefer low-fat food and mild, soft pastel colors. Their complaints about the difficulties of life and poor health can ruffle even extroverts.

Neurotic personality converge easiest with sociable extrovert who can inspire their confidence.

"Psychotic African passion" - these people are perfectly healthy, but their nature is sometimes manifested some antisocial traits: rigidity, hostility, proximity, intolerance and aggression. In addition, they do not differ accuracy, aesthetics and elegance in everyday life style.

It is among the "psychotic" personalities can often meet fans of group sex.

The type of people "sexual pretenders" - insincere and prone to manipulation, they are able to adapt to all communities. Such people can change the mask depending on the situation.

Sexual behavior "pretenders" differs restraint and prudence. Adhering to the accepted rules in their environment, they deny at any other feelings and desires. Among their partners may be any type.

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Typology of passion: temperaments and characters
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