Meals during PMS

Meals during PMS
 Irritability, headaches, mood swings - symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS for short. During this period, the body 150 is required daily calories greater. How should I eat during PMS?
 Fish oil can significantly reduce cramping in the premenstrual period and during the actual menstruation. Therefore, during menstruation eat fatty fish and seafood.

Limit the amount of salty foods consumed. Salt retains fluid in the body, and this, in turn, leads to a run-off.

Give up coffee, you will feel a reduction of pain in the breasts, and become less irritable.

Completely eliminate alcohol. It enhances the feeling of fatigue, depression, and headaches.

Eat moderate amounts of chocolate, which contribute to the development of a number of substances that improve mood and overall body tone. Eat half a chocolate bar, and not only hunger, but also unpleasant thoughts recede.

During PMS take vitamins. In particular B vitamins reduce premenstrual syndrome and contribute to the establishment of the necessary hormonal balance. Vitamin E helps to reduce the feeling of pain in the breasts, as well as symptoms of anxiety and depression. Most vitamin complexes contain these vitamins.

Calcium improves mood. In sufficient quantities, it is found in milk, cheese and curd.

Magnesium reduce anxiety. It is found in fruits and vegetables green color, as well as nuts. If necessary, you can use a variety of vitamins and minerals.

In the premenstrual and menstrual periods body burns calories more than 150, and in this regard, increased appetite. Therefore, should eat six times a day, giving preference to carbohydrates.

Relive discomfort during menstruation can help you herbal teas. St. John's Wort can help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. As soothing therapy can be used decoctions motherwort and valerian.

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