Test of wills

 You can not indulge in buying something delicious? Supermarket - curse your diet? We will help you to avoid the temptation of gluttony. The first and main recommendation: do not fall into the typical food traps that we do the same yourself and we arrange.  

Pitfall: We buy a lot more products than expected.

The issue: Not to make sudden, impulsive purchases, it is necessary to go to the store in the first place, full, and secondly, with a clear list of products. Making a list of products with the dishes that you plan to cook, bring the approximate amount of money needed is for this set of products. Or spend more time on marketing research and maybe better "forget" wallet at home. No extra money - no temptations.

Pitfall: Long delay in departments where concentrated favorite, but unwholesome food. Do not miss out!

The issue: Begin bypassing top of the list (see. Above), that is, departments, where the main "obedoobrazuyuschie" products. It's fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, milk, and grains. By the way, when your basket or cart and fill out the required "healthy" foods, you are psychologically easier it will be limited to a small pack of sweets (if there are no forces to abandon them altogether).

What foods and how to store in the refrigerator so that they "worked" for you

- Fill the bottom shelf of fruits and vegetables. In compiling the list of products not forget to include radish, radish, carrot, cabbage. Do not buy too many vegetables and fruits for the future!
- On a shelf half-finished, place the chicken or turkey breast.
- Compartment fill low-fat dairy products varieties of yogurt, milk, yogurt, cheese.
- Freezer is vegetable mixes and berries.
- Fish stocks in the refrigerator must be constantly replenished. If you can not buy fresh, buy frozen, preferably in the form of fillets or steaks.
- To the door of the refrigerator is useful to attach your weekly menu. This is a very disciplined!

Pitfall: Too fat!

The issue: Before you put the product in the basket, look at his fat value. Do not fall for the trick favorite vegetable oil producers, who say that it is cholesterol-free. Any vegetable oil does not contain cholesterol, but 99% is made up of fat. Train yourself to use a minimum of fat in the cooking process. First you need to buy a frying pan, which can be prepared without fat.

Get rid of excess fat will help food foil: dripped-off fat after baking with foil will go in the garbage disposal. When selecting meat recommend opt for the vegetable varieties: white meat poultry, lean beef or veal. An exception in terms of fat content can be made only for the fish. It fits perfectly into the system management, diet food. In fish contains omega-3 needed to strengthen the blood vessels of the brain.

Recipe nutritionist:

-To drink or not to drink? If you do not want to gain extra pounds, you should eliminate carbonated beverages, even without sugar and food additives, as well as to minimize the consumption of packaged juices.

-Fruit preserves: pros and cons. Of course, fresh fruit, canned preferable, but if you do buy fruit purees, fruit or desserts, you must choose those that are sugar-free, in its own juices and with a minimum shelf life (it is some guarantee of freshness and naturalness of the product).

-Options for healthy fast food: to the maximum benefit snack at work, we recommend you take with home-made salads, meat and fish dishes (baked fillet burgers and so on.). And for dessert - muesli bars with fruit

-If you're used to something to chew on, Choose fruits and dry bread with low-fat cheese or cottage cheese. Washed down with green tea is good.

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