How to stop eating mindlessly?

 Modern man becomes a victim of his own eating habits. Which tricks do not resort - the temptation is too great. Still, teach your body to eat possible.

Scientists and doctors are sounding the alarm - modern man becomes a victim of his own eating habits. The human race for thousands of years while, as they say, a stone's throw from starvation, learned to perfectly define the feeling of hunger. But listen to his own sense of saturation and in time to stop eating, even if the food on the table is still left - such a need would not normally.

First, when the diet of the average person was quite meager and monotonous, few have had the opportunity to load up and fill the more overeat. For example, in the XVIII century Russian peasant was the basis of the diet of wholemeal bread, as well as "gray" collard greens, cucumbers, turnips, peas yes. Onion and yellow carrots - only in the southern regions. And the meat in those days people ate mostly on holidays ... So it is not up to eating was - "would be live," as they say. But today is just go to the store: on huge shelves that just do not like to give up all this variety of delicious foods?

In the book "Mindless Eating", which became a bestseller, Cornell University professor Brian Wansink not only reveals the mechanisms that cause people to overeat, but also gives good advice on how to deal with overeating. Here are just a few of them:

1. The human stomach is not sensitive enough, he seems to be "do not understand", if there is enough in it "should" food. A feeling of fullness comes late, especially in people total who are accustomed to overeat. What is the solution? Try to stretch a meal for a longer time. Observed that obese people tend to eat quickly, quickly, bad chewing food. And it is necessary on the contrary, with the feeling, really, with the arrangement. Between meals should take a break; if you dine in the restaurant and the waiter was late with the next dish - do not be angry, consider that he is doing it in your best interest. Maybe you will not want to eat up every last tithe.

2. People tend to eat what he sees. Therefore remove away candy and cookies and put in a prominent place apples, carrots or celery stalks. And one more trick: if low-calorie cooking and wholesome food will take longer than the opening of the packages with high-calorie burger, the body chooses - guess what? That's right - what faster. Therefore useful vegetables should not only lie in a prominent place, they should be fully ready for use.

3. With a minimum of tools to determine the amount eaten, the body uses vision. Therefore, a bowl of soup - this, according to the body, and a lot of good. Use this, because soup can be very easy and low-calorie. Do you love candy? Able, without looking to eat while working much more than necessary? Do not dispose of "evidence", leave candy wrappers on the table - let your eyes see, you have eaten enough already!

Of course, all this advice makes sense to adopt. Yet, the practice shows - few are able to heroic effort to limit themselves in power and hold for at least 3 months - it was such a period is necessary to an old habit a little rusty, and the new - rooted. Besides our own body, seems concerned only one - as if we suddenly, by chance, did not die of hunger. He "cunning", reduces energy costs, goes to the economical option of spending "reserves". In short, doing everything to another "campaign" for a slender figure ended in total defeat. How can that be? Really really fast every other inhabitant of our planet will be overweight, as scientists warn?

Of course, there is a solution. Only he was not in the diet, and not even in Badakhshan, which in fact, tend to be conventional laxatives. If you do not want to devote the fight against excess weight rest of his life - it is better to trust in drugs. Drugs, unlike dietary supplements are clinically proven efficacy.

Doctors have identified a number of different approaches to weight loss. First - a symptomatic treatment, namely - reducing the number of calories acquired by reducing fat absorption of dietary. This approach can be compensatory. Indeed, when such therapy disease persists (as the person continues to overeat), but only temporarily offset drug. Another approach to weight loss - is to eliminate root of the problem - namely, chronic overeating. This is how the drug Meridia®. It leads to the onset of rapid saturation reduces the amount of food consumed. Today Meridia® - this is the only original drug, address the underlying causes of excess weight. The principal difference is that, without causing loss of appetite, it contributes to an earlier onset of satiety. Man gets rid of pathological overeating habits, resulting in a gradual and sustainable weight loss. 

Influenced Meridia® you reduce your food intake by about 20% and gradually build up the correct eating behavior. And your body will get used to difficile reasonable quantities of food. The most important thing for the body - it's a habit. It is a new habit to eat right and do not overeat help you have without drugs always keep normal weight.

Agree - it is necessary to pay attention to his beloved, to undergo effective treatment, then to enjoy a lifetime of ease and harmony, despite the abundance of tasty foods and normal, healthy appetite! Do you want to start the process of getting rid of the wrong eating behavior right now? Go to the site and just start keep a food diary. There is a very easy to do. Special program facilitates daily records, automatically calculates calories, builds individual feeding schedule and even tells if the rate calculated on the basis of user data is exceeded. And then - go ahead for a slim figure and good eating behavior! You can individually consult with a dieticianhotline - (495) 788-90-97, 8 (800) 200-13-31. Make - have the means to eat less!

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