Food voyeurism

 Dietary paranoia and food voyeurism seize us stronger: we are changing their own eating habits by watching how and what to eat around. And absolutely nothing ...

You had lunch today at the office? Or in a restaurant? Or maybe just a bite with friends on the go? Whatever it was, I bet: You may have noticed that other women were eating. Moreover, if they ate something unusual, you have a few minutes to estimate the origin of the product, its health benefits and, most importantly, to decide whether and do not you try this thing. Do not worry, you're not alone. Food voyeurism - a new manifestation of our complex relationship with food.

Now enough usual dietWe certainly need to know who else it feeds and why. Glossy magazines are supported by our passion by finding out information that prefer for breakfast, lunch and dinner celebrity. Would you like to get into the house to the star? Of Course! After all, there can look in the fridge and explore the shopping list.

So why do we need to control not only what we eatBut the fact that people eat around? Part of the deal in our innate desire to be on the other. We like to think that we are unique, but in fact we are herd animals and watch your friends and colleagues by copying their behavior. Drowning out the voice of his own body, we repeat: "Diet, detox, healthy food", focusing on those whose successes command respect.

But unless you have colleagues who are planning a diet with the help of the lunar calendar, at the same time adhering to diets and Atkins principles of separate power supply? So what the hell you do that? "There is an incredible amount of food restrictions, invented by us and the people around us. With food now due and guilt, and fear of weight, so that women do not listen to your appetite "- lamenting the therapistSusie Orbach, Author of "Fat - feminist issue."

In my personal experience, the food voyeurism is nowhere so clearly as in the office. In the company where I am in the state, decided to dine at his workplace. Required point of the program - with lunch box, "a hastily assembled" the night before. Option really only two: either you think carefully about the menu, following the latest trends from celebrities, or just merchandised in any supermarket and then pray that your box hidden shame.

Paranoia begins when the first brave woman gets lunch under cheers colleagues: "How smells good! How looks beautiful! How much do you all ready! "But in fact, they say," Is your food better than mine? "Everyone strives to outdo the others. Last week I watched as quite normal and sensible lady, seeing that brought her friend exclaimed: "Oh, caviar! Does anyone still eat it? »

A friend of mine confessed that she asks her to deliver organic vegetables, when the neighbors house and can be witnessed her taking care of their diet. This is roughly the same as "accidentally" show around logos like Prada or Chanel on their things - what is the point to spend time and money on something that no one would notice? Another friend of mine complained that the trip to the local supermarket takes her at least two hours, as she puts it constantly products in the basket, it puts back on the shelf - depending on what is taking other women.

I myself at the last minute withdrew from the queue to the cashier noticed slender girl with some unusual seeds germinated, because he felt an irresistible urge to buy exactly the same. Then I put these shoots in the cart, feeling brave culinary adventurer, but now realize that in fact succumbed to "the food paranoia." Another friend of mine, who are on duty is often found with the celebrities of the highest rank, says he never misses an opportunity to look into the stars refrigerators. She makes fun of a famous actress, who one week to eat red food, and the other - yellow, or on models, who believe that eating fewer calories overdue. At first glance, she tells these stories to show what the stars are abnormal, but we both know that in reality it very interesting to their point of view.

In fact, women are fixated on what they eat, what they eat and what they should eat, because they believe in the existence of a single correct answer to all questions related to nutrition. Some Holy Grail consumption. Despite all efforts, deep down we know that it is impossible to reach the main. If only I could find a cunning diet that would resolve all our problems!

 Here, for example,Gwyneth Paltrow swears that you can lose weight with tea dandelion,Jennifer Lopez sniffing grapefruit oil to suppress appetite,Cindy Crawford for the same purpose before eating swallows vinegar, andJennifer Aniston sits on a diet based on land ... So, maybe we try?

Interesting idea, but of course, they do not guarantee results. Aniston looks so good thanks to regular visits to the gym, good genes and good care of themselves, and not only because she has breakfast rolls with tuna sandwiches instead of butter. Just admit it, we are able to establish normal relations with food and finally relax a little. Our preference in the diet should be as individual as the contents of the list of cosmetic or ex-boyfriends. Speaking of the latter: have you ever seen a man with interest examined the contents of the plates of his friend? They know: competition in the selection of food is irrelevant.

Kate Webster

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