How to tell the truth

How to tell the truth
 Truthfulness - a trait of strong people. Get rid of the lies in his words is not so simple, here is important to develop skills. If you set a goal, they soon will not be able to lie for a minute. The truth will become your constant traveling companion.
 To get started, simply observe how many false words coming from your language throughout the day. It may be a lie in the name of protection, invented details in order to exaggerate or just phrases that can help you achieve this. Perhaps you are cheating people not out of malice, but because so used, however, this does not relieve you from the lies. See the problem - the first step to get rid of it forever.

Try to control what your lips pronounce. At first, you can give yourself installation speak the truth at least twice a day to ease the process of getting used to. Gradually, day by day, the number of truth in his conversation as long as it does not reach its maximum. Let all that you utter during the day, be true.

Make a decision about what going to do in contentious situations. For example, you work for a company that sells dairy products. Did you find customers among the regular customers are ready to buy a huge consignment of goods at a discount. On the same day the boss found a buyer willing to buy the whole volume of production at the price without discount. What do you do in order not to lose a regular customer, which was originally agreed? May wish to describe the situation to him without details, for example, mentions the intervention independent of your circumstances or a higher power. Instead, you can simply lie not to say anything. Or you can choose to tell him everything as is. Sincerity impresses many.

If you are entrusted with secrets, but a close friend or an old acquaintance wish vyznat it from you, do not give in to provocation. After all, trust you secret information you promised that no one betray him. That your words were true, tell a close friend that you do not open other people's secrets. This will not only add weight to you in his eyes, but also allow him to easily share with you their secrets. After all, you know how to store them.

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