Samantha Cameron

Samantha Cameron
 Samantha Gwendoline Cameron - the wife of British Prime Minister David Cameron. It is not only the first lady of the United Kingdom, but also has served as creative director of Smythson, and maintains an active community.
 Samantha Cameron, the eldest daughter of Sir Reginald Adrian Sheffield, was born April 18, 1971. Samantha's parents separated in 1974. A few years later her mother married William Waldorf Astor, the fourth Viscount Astor. Samantha and her sister Emily grew up in Normanby Hall estate, which occupies 121 hectares in the east central England.

Future wife of British Prime Minister received an excellent education. She graduated from a private girls' school, St. Helena and St. Catherine and studied art at the University of the West of England and several other prestigious colleges. After graduation she worked as a designer for several companies until settled in Smythson, letting out stationery. Her work at the post of creative director was awarded the journal British Glamour Magazine for the best design accessories.

Samantha was married to David Cameron's June 1, 1996. The eldest child was a son, Ivan, who was born in 2002. The boy suffered from cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy and died at the age of 6 years. In 2004, Cameron had a daughter, Nancy, in 2006 - the son of Arthur, in 2010 - the daughter of Florence.

Two days after the appointment of David Cameron British Prime Minister, his wife said that now her job in a company Smythson will be limited to the role of consultant, which it is ready to devote two days a week. Samantha perfectly fulfills representative functions spouse of the head of state, is actively involved in charity work and collaborating with many community organizations. Vogue magazine named Samantha "style icon" for his ability to dress stylishly and effectively. Despite the aristocratic and high social position she prefers things democratic values ​​and has modest decorations.

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Samantha Cameron
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