Enough has aimlessly!

 Assume that you have already worked out all the possible health habits. You eat a lot of vegetables. Your dream is just perfect. You train so often that your sports shoes wear out instantly. It is unlikely that you already might have something to prevent it.

Something can -Emotional eating.

Emotional Eating - A recognized problem №1 in your healthy lifestyle. Sometimes we eat for a very strange reason. Bad day at work can result in multiple packets of crisps at home on the couch. After sport, why not drink beer.

Emotional eating - a common problem. Fact: 75% of excess weight comes from the emotional or mindless power.

It is not always easy to find the root of these problems (who knows why you have the whole house littered with bags of potato chips and chocolate?). However, you can take some very specific steps to eliminate this problem.

1. Define the problem

You can often sin emotional power and not even know it. Ask yourself a few questions: How often do I have a snack without any reason - even if I do not want to eat? How often do I find myself in front of the refrigerator and do not understand why? If there is a stressful situation, I immediately start to eat anything that comes their way? I dialed the weight, when in my life there is any disturbing events?

2. Determine an emotional urge

Be aware of time and dangerous situation. Parish home from work - an emotional event? Meeting with ex-husband / wife? At such times, you start to be craving for not quite healthy food? To find out, you must keep track of the reasons for eating. Fortunately, hunger - the most common cause. But if there are other reasons, they are likely to become, and in the meantime, when there is the urge to emotional eating.

3. Why are these Urging makes you there

The main reason for the emotional power lies much deeper than it may seem at first glance. Do you have problems at work, at home, with her husband / wife? You do not like your everyday life? You had to go through emotional trauma such as the death of a loved one, divorce, bankruptcy ?.

4. Destroy Emotional Urging systematically Establishments online diary for an overall picture of how different life situations affect your nutrition and motivation. Try to determine whether life situation causes the urge to emotional eating and how this urge to eliminate. Try to figure out how to make this vital issue has ceased to bother you at all. To solve these problems systematically and try to work with the problems one by one. Of course, it will take some time.

The reasons for emotional eating is not so easy to detect and eliminate. However, to ignore them can be extremely dangerous. Remember one thing - if you can not tell with all the problems that hinder your 100% healthy life style, the result of your diet will only be temporary.