6 Tips for losing weight

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 Once you got out of the closet once favorite dress and sadly realized: now it is not enough for you. Sadly, the older we get, the slower metabolic processes are in our body and the more fat is deposited on our once-slender waists and hips. Is this a reason to give up, he paid little sister and console myself another sweet rolls? Of course not! Most women in this situation and decides to lose weight the right thing.

Do not seek to lose weight quickly. The normal process is the loss of 1 kg per week. Otherwise, all relieved quickly and return with a vengeance. The body realizes that it is threatened with starvation periods, and rushed to create energy reserves. A power supply is fat, and always in the wrong place, where you want ...

The ideal time to start a serious weight loss is spring. Here are added together several factors. And biologically caused the dropping of fat accumulated over the winter, and the upcoming beach season, which becomes a major stimulus, and increased physical activity, and the emergence of fresh herbs, and for some even orthodox position. But if you have come to the conclusion that you need to lose weight, but still a long way to spring, then that's no reason to despair. Just lose weight you a little slower.

Never rely only on a diet. Connect exercise. You need to not just lose weight, but also to maintain good form. To do this, spur metabolism, which fades with age. To do this you need to build muscle mass. It is easy to hungry muscles will allow you time to time to pamper yourself your favorite cake or fried potatoes. Who needs a life in which there is little joy?

The best exercise for losing weight - it's running. There is no more effective way to say goodbye to fat anywhere in your body than hour jog in the park or stadium. Yes, that hour. Fat burning mechanism is activated after half an hour after the start jogging. And it should be run for another half hour, so that the body continued to destroy fat cells for an additional two hours after the end of the workout.

Put yourself for a specific purpose. You need to know exactly what you strive for. For example, lose 12 pounds by a certain date. This will help you to plan more clearly the whole process of losing weight, calculate the required load. Put breakpoints in a month or every week ... and controls how the process. If you do not know what you need, you will get nothing.

Connect with positive people. Pessimists and kritikanam not even tell about his plans. Sometimes criticism or doubt in the view of others, can negate all your resolve. Worse than not, when people learn that you are on a diet, trying their best to slip you a piece tastiest. After all, one can once? It is quite another thing when you hear from loved ones, that look great, that postroynela and freshened up. From the words of support grow wings, even though you know it's not true.

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