20 of the most simple ways to cheat appetite

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 A woman who wants to lose weight, understand: to be slim, you have to limit yourself to food. This restriction is usually accompanied by a painful feeling of hunger. Strong-willed person will carry these burdens bravely, but the suppression of appetite comes easy is not all.

1. Cheat appetite will help ordinary glass of cold water. Drink it 30 minutes before a meal, so you will not only fill the stomach fluid, but also activate the metabolic processes in the body.

2. Use a small plate instead of large. Put in a bowl of half your normal portions, you will still believe that eating a lot.

3. Reduce the use of salt, spices and herbs - they only exacerbate the appetite.

4. Eat slowly as possible, chewing food thoroughly. The thing is, the signal that you are full, reaches the brain within 20 minutes. And during this time, you can enjoy a lot of things.

5. Do not tempt yourself and remove from the refrigerator all high-calorie foods. There is a strong likelihood that one night you do not soak them and eat.

6. Keep a fruit or vegetable. If you decide to bite something, let it be only useful products.

7. Stop eating in front of TV or a book. Chances are that in the fascinating story you will not notice how ate too much.

8. In the grocery store always go full, with a pre-written list, so you will not be tempted to buy a harmful treats.

9. Avoid cakes, replacing them, such as dried fruits. Too sweet, but useful.

10. The bulk of the food shall be in the breakfast and lunch. In the morning, for example, you can eat oatmeal - it is slowly digested in the stomach and keeps you feeling full for a long time.

11. Eat dinner in addition to the main dish, salad and more. Vegetables are rich in fiber, which helps the body fight cholesterol.

12. Enter in your diet legumes - soybeans, peas, beans, lentils. It is an excellent source of vegetable protein.

13. A strong feeling of hunger occurs most often closer to the night. If you can not sleep on an empty stomach, take a few simple physical exercises. They will help to distract from the food and burn a few extra calories.

14. Blunt hunger will help self-massage: push the pad of the middle finger at a point between the nose and upper lip.

15. If the sensation of hunger persists - drink a cup of warm green tea with milk. Green tea - a good cure for insomnia.

16. If you love pasta - do not give them up. Choose products made from durum wheat, instead of meat and sauces add steamed vegetables.

17. Avoid coffee, because it only contributes to the emergence of appetite. If you can not quite give up - drink coffee with milk and sugar.

18. help to moderate appetite aromatherapy. Center of smell and hunger are close by, so the smell will briefly score hunger.

19. A great benefit to the body can be extracted from rye bread flour. It stimulates the motor function of the intestines and helps to get it work.

20. Remember, your diet should always be balanced. Do not forget about the right combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

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