Why can not this marriage ...

Why can not this marriage ...
 For many women, the family becomes strong bulwark, which is the main component of a happy family life. All without exception want confidence in the future, I want to have a happy marriage and legal. But, unfortunately, many men have a different point of view, they do not share the woman's desire to create a strong family "in the law."

Many are of the opinion that a civil marriage, in fact, not a marriage. And legally it's called is not very pleasant word "cohabitation". Most of this description fit two people living together. And these people are just playing in the family. Every day, opt for new roles, being sure that such responsibilities and status will give happiness. And the initiator of civil marriage are often men who do not agree or are simply afraid to go to the end, against the wishes of the woman. So how do you change this situation?

At the time, the term "civil marriage" referred to in the families who have been officially registered in the registry office, but they were not married in church. And living together outside of marriage was called rather just the unpleasant and offensive definition of "cohabitation". But in modern times is called cohabitation marriage citizenship. In this definition includes a pair of living, which leads to the common household for a month.

Registered in the registry office marriage nowadays is called the official. But many people kept asking why most couples do not officially register their marriage? But men normally an opinion about this, they believe that civil marriage takes advantage of that to some extent exempt from any duty, of course, male. After a civil marriage involves moderate freedom for men.

Unmarried woman considers herself married (to give back a smile - one man does not marry, then, does not like, but just using). In turn, a man in a psevdobrake will not part with the status of a bachelor. A very comfortable position, but shaky and unreliable. And if you look at the root - that both partners are cunning, pretending that all is well between them.
It is because of these different views of men and women on marriage and freedom, this "marriage" is not possible ...

Although history proves otherwise. In relations importantly - love and understanding. Other all - convention.

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