How to behave on a date

How to behave on a date
 The first or one hundred first date - this is always a test for the girls and for the young man. Loving couple looking at each other, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages, exploring character. Show their best side and captivate the interlocutor help simple guidelines.

Be yourself. Do not try to impress, especially not try to demonstrate those traits that do not possess. Love inspires and gives strength to do what seemed impossible before, but even she did not do a romantic overnight pedant. Respond to any act of partner sincerely, without affectedness and acrimony.

Be calm and confident. Low self-esteem is noticeable to others: if you consider yourself ugly or stupid, the whole world will agree with you. But in addition to deficiencies in you have some positive features, for example, the original sense of humor, erudition or some specific skill. Use any topic that might interest your partner.

Dress tastefully. Choose clothing that emphasizes the advantages of your figure, for example, large breasts and slender waist. Before leaving try on a few outfits to choose the correct one. But do not make partner in the opinion that the dress exclusively for him: he must think that you will always look as good.

Pay attention to your partner. This does not mean that over unfunny jokes have to laugh to tears, but at least you can smile. Generally Take full support in relation to it, as appropriate.

If you are not close enough familiar, avoid those related to health: your, his, yours or his relatives. Family relationships and strife is also better to discuss with close friends, not lovers. But allowed the talk about medicine in general, about the family as a unit of society and other general topics.

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How to behave on a date
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