Montenegro - a country of green mountains

Montenegro - a country of green mountains
 In the country of black mountains reigns green. Green valleys, green hills and mountains - everywhere fragrant lush flora of the south. The nature of Montenegro is sometimes compared with Switzerland - such as lakes, mountain streams with waterfalls, pristine beauty of wildlife.
 Montenegro in the recent past was a part of Yugoslavia, therefore, given historical ties, the people of this country are tourists from Russia with great sympathy. This country is surprising natural beauty - a variety of beaches, high mountains covered with pine forests, crystal clear sea. The perfect complement to this is the city with medieval architecture and a friendly and hospitable people.

The name of the country was due to the black trunks of olive trees on the mountain slopes. The area of ​​Montenegro is less than the Moscow region, the population - about 650 thousand people: Montenegrins, Serbs, Albanians and Croats. The main religion - Orthodoxy.

In 1991, the country was declared a clean area and acquired the status of European natural park. In Montenegro located 40 lakes, 29 of which are mountainous. 80% of the country is covered by forests and meadows. Montenegrin coast is a narrow strip of land between the sea and the high mountains, which gives it a typical Mediterranean look.

Pearl of the country is considered the Bay of Kotor, crashing into the land of 20 kilometers. The coastline of the Gulf is 190 km, the length of the beach - 73 km. The water temperature during the holiday season, which lasts from April to October, is in the range 22-26 ° C.

A large area to the north takes the highlands. Steep cliffs cut by picturesque canyons with current thereon mountain rivers Moraca, Pivoy, Tara. Tara River Canyon reaches a depth of 1,300 meters, it is the largest in Europe. The river is under the protection of UNESCO. In this region there are two national parks - Durmitor and Biogradska. The highest mountain is called Bobotov Cook, its height is more than 2500 meters.

The capital of Montenegro - Podgorica, but much more colorful small town of Cetinje, Kotor, Budva. Cetinje - the ancient capital of Montenegro - is considered a historical and cultural center of the country. It is located in karst valley, the population of the town only 10-12 thousand people. Cetinje was founded in the 15th century Zeta prince, later there was built and the monastery, which now houses some well-known Christian shrines.

The resort town of Kotor - a medieval fortress and ancient streets. He is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city remained a true vintage spirit.

9 km from the town of Budva is the most magical place throughout Montenegro - Island Hotel St. Stephen. This fishing village, built in the 15th century on a rocky island and connected to the shore of sand. In the 70 years of the last century, the inhabitants moved to a new settlement on the mainland, and the island was turned into a hotel. There were stone walls, low houses of fishermen, almost merging with the rock. On the island about a hundred separate cottages for tourists, several suites and villas, where the rest of Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Queen of Great Britain and Leonid Brezhnev. Today, St. Stephen also plays host to distinguished guests. It recently celebrated its 40th anniversary of one of the Rothschilds.

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Montenegro - a country of green mountains
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