History of Costume: wedding dress in Russia

History of Costume: wedding dress in Russia
 Today we can hardly imagine a bride wedding dress of bright colors such as red, green, former traditional in Russia. Wedding dress in its development has undergone many changes in order to achieve perfection in our days. The modern bride is free to choose any dress as they wish and taste.

White dress in Russia has become a fixture of the wedding only in the 19th century. White color in Russia symbolized holiness and spirituality, so the bride wore a wedding colorful folk costumes, embroider their own for several years. Wedding attire noblewoman and peasant differed quality fabrics and embroidery, elements of which were as a rule, flowers, leaves, berries and birds, symbolizing good. At a bachelorette party for a wedding, a feast for himself and on the second day of the wedding the bride should wear each time a new outfit.

Intended for a bachelorette party best sundress or skirt shirt bright color. Wedding shirts had a very long sleeve, because there was a belief that the bride and groom should not come into contact with bare hands. At the head of the bride wore a "beauty" - bandage with sewn to her multi-colored ribbons, which after the wedding darilas best friend's younger sister or groom. At the wedding the bride wore a special outfit is red, which symbolizes happiness in Russia, and on the second day of the wedding - the new wedding dress, the best one available. As a rule, it was a dress is ornamented with embroidery. Already a married woman, the bride tied at the waist and a sash to wear a hat, say goodbye to girlish braids.

In the 11-14 centuries. Russian bride adorned head wreath and later kokoshnik red. In the 15th century the noble bride wedding dresses, made of brocade, decorated with pearls and framed fur often reach a weight of 15 kg. Until the 18th century tradition of marrying in sarafan and headdress survived, and only changed the color kokoshnik - he could be not only red. Since the beginning of the 18th century, when Peter the Great, was the wedding dress look like the European model.

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History of Costume: wedding dress in Russia
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