The wife does not want sex? Looking for a way together

The wife does not want sex? Looking for a way together
 Still fresh memories of the time when both of you were just in love, lived alone and ran out on dates. Sex was a real treat, bright and passionate. But that's already been a few years of marriage, and, increasingly, in bed at night you can hear from his wife complained of headache and fatigue.  

Who is to blame in this situation and what to do next? First of all, try to take the place of his wife. Perhaps she really tired, as loaded beyond measure at work and household chores?

Look upon whom rests the whole house and children. You are proud of the fact that his wife - an excellent hostess, but consider what efforts it is making to ensure that everything was top notch. While you relax after work on a cozy couch, where is your wife? That's right, it is in the kitchen.

Sounds corny, but try to help the second half and with household chores. Take on the evening child care, for example, engaged in their reading, while his wife prepares dinner. If you do not know what can be helpful - just ask his wife. Tell us about your desire to help - believe me, it will be touched to the core, and you almost certainly will be rewarded in the bedroom at night.

Reconsider their views on love life. Quite possibly the spouse is not enough variety in sex. Even the favorite position may order podnadoest for several years. Surprise her - offer something new and original. Ask, why would she want and then put her sexual desires in life.

Remember the last time you treated my wife not as a constant companion of life with which you plan to grow old together and raise grandchildren, but as a loving and loved a woman? When was the last presented a bouquet of flowers or a small cute little thing? Attend, to look after his wife. Assign a date spouse and invite to the restaurant and who knows, maybe for a pleasant evening continued in subsequent sexual marital bedroom.

Psychologists recommend to arrange family holiday to couples whose sex life at all went wrong. Leave the kids with grandparents, clear room in the hotel and spend a few days alone with each other. Optionally drag his wife into bed immediately. If there are problems in the relationship, it is better to talk about them beforehand. Perhaps the wife refuses sex because of old grudges that gnaw at her for a long time.

Sometimes in the hectic days of the couple completely forget that not just close the second half or the lawful husband or wife, and the character, mood and personality, which is so eager to see and hear expressions of love.

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