Technology stem cell treatment

Technology stem cell treatment
 Professor of Military Medical Academy AA Maksimov in early ΧΧ century discovered the existence of stem cells. More than a hundred years, fundamental studies of their characteristics, properties and possible clinical use. The unique properties of bone marrow stem cells are used in many branches of medicine.

Stem cells are found in blood, human organs and bone marrow. They help our body to self-renew, to cope with stress and many diseases. Thanks to them, human life is extended.

In severe disease decreases the number of stem cells, and then used in cell expertise medicine that stem cells obtained from human bone marrow, cultured them, and keep transplanted into diseased organism. Cell therapy today is called regenerative because stem cells restore the damaged organ.

Cell therapy - a modern form of treatment for many diseases, once considered incurable. Stem cells are isolated from bone marrow and lay in cryogenic storage area where stored for decades at -196 ° C. For treatment, they can be withdrawn at any time.

SC - stem cells - are undifferentiated cells that are ready for self-renewal in the specialized cells of any tissue of the human body. They are divided: hematopoietic (HSCs) and mesenchymal stromal or (IIC). GSK developed from blood cells and MSCs growth occurs from the other cells of the body. SC in the fission process produces two daughter cells: one is identical to the parent, and the other produces differentiated progeny.

There are several kinds of IC: fetal, adult tissues SC embryonic organism. In Russia, the order of studies in the field of cellular technologies and their use in medical institutions developed by the expert commission. Embryonic SC apply only within the models in vitro and in laboratory animals. Currently, the use of embryonic stem cells in medical practice is impossible, because it is illegal.

A list of some diseases, which are used in treating bone marrow stem cells: hematologic disease; coronary heart disease; kardiomiodistrofiya; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; fatty liver; chronic hepatitis; cirrhosis of the liver; ulcerative colitis; rheumatoid arthritis; deforming arthrosis; diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2 and its complications; traumatic spinal cord injury; Parkinson's disease; cerebral palsy; enuresis; endometriosis; trophic damage gums and others.

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Technology stem cell treatment
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