The terms of a happy marriage

The terms of a happy marriage
 Happy couple - a result of hard work and contribution of both spouses. And marriage itself can not be filled with joy, understanding and unconditional love.
 Conflicts - it is a natural component of any relationship, especially family. But it depends on the participants disagreements move together through life. It is not necessary always to blame for all the partner, but be careful and to themselves. If you begin to arise between the friction and sparks fly, try to take a little break to cool off. And only then return to dialogue. But it was the dialogue when you are able to hear his or her spouse, and when it is able to make your opponent. Negative emotions can never lead to a common denominator, but only destroy what is available. And then will need much more time to pick up the pieces of family happiness.

One of the difficult aspects of relationships - always see only the good partner. It's easy enough at the beginning of family life, when you are both soar on the wings of love, and just did not notice any flaws in each other. But time passes, and you begin to see each other with new eyes, noticing the different flaws and bend things. Only the unconditional acceptance of each other's family is able to preserve warm relations forever. It takes effort and manifestations of loyalty, but gives a guarantee that it will be the only marriage, not once. And do not try to change the partner, because everyone has the right to have defects in the character, the way of life. Great victory when you realize that the person learned to love it for what it is, not the way you wanted it to be.

If there is a misunderstanding, the best cure for this - openness and honesty. That sincerity and openness can protect two loving hearts of both of them to have been defeated as a result of this relationship. It is not given to everyone, but love - this is the kind of thing that needs to pay for itself a certain price, and then gives a reward strong happy family.

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