Catch up to the end of life: wishlist Wishlist

 End of the world seems to have postponed, but sociologists continue to persist, asking respondents what they would like to get done before the end of life. Many of the answers are surprising.

In the top three among the desire to be the following: witness the aurora borealis, climb the Great Wall of China and, of course, to pay for the mortgage. They were joined by the dream of a perfect knowledge of a foreign language, about the Egyptian pyramids and sports marathon. However, studies show that people usually implements only 5 points from the whole long list of desires.

In addition, it turned out to wishlist trip to New Zealand, the invention of something, a trip to the Segway, a visit to the Museum of Harry Potter and Disneyland. And only 12% of respondents admitted that they have special preferences in life.

Why many people do not have time to realize their dreams, they say the following indicators: 30% of respondents complain about the lack of time, 20% for fear of getting hurt during the execution of desire, 25% cite poor physical fitness. And only half honest and admit that they lack initiative and determination.

Catch up to the end of life: wishlist Wishlist
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