Responsibility for divorce

Responsibility for divorce
 Any breakup or disintegration of couples, whether it is tragic and painful or tight-indifferent, inevitably raises the question of responsibility for the broken marriage. After all, even if the decision was mutual and mature, always clearly visible leading the initiative of one of the parties.

Mistakenly believe is ultimately the responsibility of the spouse who first said it strong and so sharp word - divorce. After all, no doubt, after it at least once sounded, family relationships will never be the same, and some foreboding isolation will always be accompanied by a pair of mentally assume probability of rupture.

Nevertheless, responsible for the beginning of the end of the once happy family should be considered as the one who gave the immediate cause to doubt the prospects of partner cohabitation. It is obvious that harmoniously tuned, kind and loving wife, even in moments of rare quarrels do not risk injuring hurts to say words and, especially, to make crucial decisions. Of course, such cases are not excluded, and "Brazilian" passion with mutual insults and desperate family smashing crockery shake more than one couple. However, even in the heat of anger strong and respectful relationship does not allow to cross the line from the classic situation of "Lovely curse - just amuse" to finally and irrevocably break. It is known that anger - a bad adviser, and its destructive power can not help but reflect on the adequacy and correctness of the decision. That is why immediate conclusions from the current quarrel should in no way affect the global solutions of the family.

But if it is not a daily routine and for many couples disputes such as "today who wash dishes and take out the garbage" and other trifles, but the constant factor, it poses on family relations, violates the interests of any of the spouses or infringe upon anyone's rights then that is what will be, in the end, the main and final reason for divorce.

However, the assertion that the gap may be to blame only one of the partners is also wrong and too superficial. After all, the family - is a closed system with its own rules and secrets are not visible to an outside observer. Only members of the Union can know what is going on inside it. But, alas, to be tolerant, restrained, diplomatic and objective to themselves can not all. In addition, a strong influence on the decision to divorce is an ordinary human laziness, lack of insight and vision, but more often - the reluctance to work on themselves and their relationships.

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