If the husband asks lipstick

If the husband asks lipstick
 When a man is interested in decorative cosmetics, it can have several causes. Woman is important to understand exactly what her husband wants, when he asks her lipstick.

Despite all the freer attitude towards external expression in our society, most women experience a mild shock if the beloved husband suddenly asked them lipstick. My first thought is that the head of the family decided to turn to the "curve of the track." You should not jump to conclusions: if that were the case, it is unlikely he would have become a place you know.

Perhaps the husband wanted to somehow diversify the intimate life, inject a new sense, add "pepper". Then gently find out his intentions and do not rush to reject all ideas immediately. What if you try to switch roles? Become a brutal macho in her husband's suspenders, while the other half try on anything from your wardrobe (that of which you slip out after the last diet). This lightweight carnival behind closed bedroom doors will help revitalize the relationship, long banished boredom, and therefore should not be nipped in the bud creative men.

Sharp rejection and ridicule can cause both unnecessary psychological wounds. Surprises many of us initially perceived positively. Plus one more thing: if you refuse to partner in the development of new horizons, it is possible that he will try to expand them with the help of someone else.

Perhaps he asks lipstick just for yourself. If you delve into the history, the makeup was originally a male prerogative. In ancient Greece and Egypt, the men did not escape as ritual and decorative make-up, and the second place of birth is considered to be the same lipstick medieval Europe. At the court of the French king Louis XVI aristocrats thickly painted lips to make them stand out against the background of a mustache and beard.

And in our time, the pursuit of beauty in the male sex is maintained. Transvestites leave behind the scenes. It is the traditional representatives of the stronger sex is not averse to an external perfection. Especially in Western Europe. Thus, according to surveys, one in five people in this country about half an hour a day giving care. And 12% of them use powder and foundation, and 3% are not afraid to use cosmetics and the most notorious lipstick.

Do not just accuse them of vanity: sociologists in serious studies have shown that more well-groomed and attractive people achieve more in the career field. This explains the desire of Germans to beauty: the desire to get a better job and a decent income. In American firms earn more employees more attractive. Now, these trends have been observed for other countries. Women have successfully mastered the male occupations, men are trying to master the female and want to look like a woman well-groomed.

However, the husband may ask lipstick because he just weather-beaten lips. And what does he want? That's right, hygienic. Certainly, the majority of women will sigh with relief and give blagovernomu saving tube.

And if the husband started talking about lipstick, going to the garage or to the country? Well, of course, because it's so convenient to make marks on a sheet of iron, board or glass. Application quite manly utilitarian. And no carnivals.

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