Husband second hand

Husband second hand
 Second hand - most often the term is applied to clothing. We purchase along with someone else's shoulder, who came "in the second hand", has its opponents and supporters. The last think: if the clothes were necessary, appropriate, relevant, loved and at the same time not lose a decent look, so its quality is checked. Oddly, sometimes as some women are strangers to their husbands ...

However, from their wives go far not all. It is one thing - to seduce and entertain, the other - to coerce major changes in life. Yet many women deliberately hunt for "spouse second hand». The main reason - they already know how it can be just as her husband! Although there are other reasons - the desire to own reign (male thing like a change of ownership), the desire to freely spend his money on a bet, in spite of his wife to raise their self-esteem, etc.

In any case, it is important to remember that only through sex man from a family hardly uvedesh. Should evaluate their own feelings to the "object". If they are all right, try not to bother him with it. Remember, the more he will do for you, the more contact you, so from time to time ask the man anything to help you. After all, he - is the head of the family, he is completely independent and more able!

Always listen carefully to someone else's husband. Just let it says and does not complain. Occasionally throwing in the towel can be a friend, but the man does not have to be your friend. And even more so there should not be even a hint of attitude "mother - son" too much care - bad! There must be another ... We should not go to the other extreme: be careful with the induction of his jealousy and statements such as "I'm leaving forever! ".

Yet psychologists call a hundred times to think twice before taking a "husband's second hand». Or maybe it only seems that he is about to divorce, and men actually really like to be the main angle of a love triangle, the required two women? Even if he still had left his wife to you, not the fact that in this way he will not leave you for another woman ...

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