Cool Runnings marriage

Cool Runnings marriage
 For each person the day of registration of marriage with a loved one is the most solemn event in life. The whole world is open to young and sometimes it seems that transcend all barriers. Unfortunately, some couples rose-colored glasses eventually turn black. The young are often faced with everyday problems that are sometimes unsolvable. That is why not all held in the saddle on steep turns marriage.

There are rare cases where for a long married life husband and wife do not quarrel, odnakoiz every rule there are exceptions. According to statistics, the majority of divorces occur in the first years of married life. Sometimes confused young strong sense of love with a deep sense of love, so take hasty decision to tie the knot for life. Alas, after a while they realize that "love has passed, wilted tomatoes."

After living for several years, the couple begin to realize that they are surrounded by a cruel world with the dangers, obstacles and storms. Many are trying together to overcome life's storms, and some couples family ship suffers a tragic shipwreck. Domestic problems also can fully absorb the family, so it's important spiritual union spouses.

In most cases, it is all about the power of love. If we remember the saying "a sweet paradise and in a tent," that you can not always agree with it. Lacking his hearth, very difficult to plan for the future.

There are cases when the couple lived for many years, brought together children and suddenly ... Treason husband / wife. Not all spouses are willing to forgive this, and if they forgive, there remains a deep and incurable heart wound.

All couples need to understand that love - is forgiveness, mutual respect and understanding. Without these qualities long and happy married life is simply impossible. Cool Runnings marriage can only be overcome together, holding each other's hand, keeping his soul mate and helping her.

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