Some signs of male infidelity

Some signs of male infidelity
 Treason, perhaps there as long as there are marital relationship. Infidels are wives and husbands. But more recent Alas, according to statistics, three out of four change. It's a shame that a woman is often the last to know about the appearance of a rival. But there are signs by which you can accurately determine infidelity partner, and they are by no means limited to the following someone else's lipstick on his shirt. If you are sure you want to learn the bitter truth, here's what to look for.

Mobile phone. Previously, he was in the most accessible places, no longer lying around anywhere. In addition to her husband comes a lot of SMS, and talking on a cell phone it only in the bathroom, in the stairwell or other places where it can not hear you. Of course, the suspect will refer to the fact that it is - calls for work or another case. But do not be naive, under an entry in the phone book "Ivan" or "Nicholas - housing office" may be hiding charming blonde.

Delays at work. Perhaps your betrothed really works hard. But if he remains constantly contingency meeting, enters service at an inopportune time, and even weekends, eliminating supposedly happening rush jobs, and regularly delivers unscheduled reports, there is reason to guard.

Appearance. Your man began to give her too much attention. But before shaving through time and forgot to change his shirt. Now in the morning long standing in the mirror, take a shower, to update your wardrobe, changing ties, enjoys a stranger you expensive perfume. There is clearly something wrong!

Sex. Your lovemaking reduced to a minimum. Husband suddenly became very tired at work, want to sleep. Previously, he often insisted on proximity, now routinely turns back to you and fall asleep. Interest does not cause even a luxury lingerie and stockings garters. If sex suddenly happens, you see that your lover suddenly began to use new techniques and positions. Of course, anything can happen, but this is clearly an ulterior motive.

Lexicon. It happens that you suddenly hear from the lips of her husband's new words and expressions. But his social circle has not changed, at least, at least, you do not know it. Look to the environment - perhaps someone uses the same words as your lawful spouse. Well, if that someone - a man. Otherwise, it will come to the point that my husband one night call you a different name. That's a sure sign of the presence of his mistress.

Behavior. When a man's life there is another woman, he often changes the habits and preferences. For example, if you previously could not live without borscht, now suddenly begins to appreciate Japanese cuisine. Why would, if it is not picked up from a lover? Another commonly abused husbands feel guilty and start to load with presents his wife with unexpected gifts - nice, but there is a reason for suspicion. His most sure sign - lies and frequent inconsistencies in the described facts and events. In this case, the traitor is easy to expose, asking questions, the answers to which he was not prepared in advance.

 It is worth noting that even the presence of several of the above grounds for suspicion - not a guarantee that a man changes. But check out his partner in this case still stands.

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