Close relatives, allies or enemies?

Close relatives, allies or enemies?
 "Members of the same family rarely grow under one roof" - once remarked Richard Bach. And the truth is, sometimes people close without knowing it, become a stumbling block in relations between the spouses, their excessive concern deprived of freedom of choice and personal space. Why is this happening and what can we do?

The main problem in relationships with loved ones is that the conflict of interest, we can not escape or ignore the emerging conflict, just keep quiet. It is necessary to exercise maximum restraint and to balance their own and others' interests. If brothers and sisters can be negotiated with the parents - to explain, then chat with grandparents becomes unbearable test of endurance and patience.

Time does not stand still, and with it, changing ideas about life and morality. The fact that in our times it seems commonplace for our elders like disaster. For example, a civil marriage in times of grandparents was considered simply immoral, and give birth without her husband - to cover the family shame.

However, things are not so bad. The basis of the behavior of loved ones to a greater extent for the care of us. All they want is for us to be good, and we have lived my life as comfortable as possible without breaking anything. It is important to understand this and try not to hurt other people's feelings. With the elderly it is better not to argue.

They are not so important, that ye might do as they say. Much more important to just listen. Their lives are not as saturated as the young, and an attempt to participate in your life - not that other, as the need to feel important. There is a saying: "What is small, that is old." In general, try not to offend them with understanding and making allowances for age.

Complicated things with relatives who all and always be aware of. Unceremoniously invading personal space, they create a lot of problems out of nothing, hurt and offended. In this case it is necessary to clearly define the boundaries of tolerance and not allowed to interfere. How would you know any relationship, it does not allow to impose their will and give valuable advice. You are already an adult and able to choose the standard vector.

The most reasonable way to communicate with their families - to keep respect for them and avoid situations that they have lost it towards you. It is considered that adult children should not live with their parents. Probably, with rare exceptions is the most sensible option ...

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