The younger the woman, the stronger the marriage?

The younger the woman, the stronger the marriage?
 You held a man: you have a good education, a stable job, an apartment and a car. Your age is approaching forty, and you are concerned about the family. Often, the choice falls on young girls. Will the family with a young lady sturdy?
 Advantages young wife obvious. Your companion is young and fresh, it attracts attention and arouses desire. Awe, which causes a spouse his young wife, will guarantee his faithfulness. Despite the fact that the second half of your growing up is inevitable, due to the large difference in age, it will always be for you young lady.

The younger your woman, the more chance you have not time to experience the happiness of fatherhood. Of course, not every girl will give birth to you are guaranteed five children. But if you dream of a large family, you will have a much better chance to implement your plans with a friend a little older than 20 than with your same age.

At a young girl no past. It shall not be in my heart load a previous relationship and does not suffer too much suspicion. Young wife openly looking forward, is not afraid to build relationships, because she had not yet experienced the bitterness of betrayal.

Your wife is full of life, it infects your enthusiasm. Next to it and you feel younger.

She knows a lot and a little naive. In her eyes you are an adult and experienced man, whose opinion she always listens. You, in turn, are ready to defend and protect his young companion.

Of course, next to a young woman a man is easier to feel knight. However, the relationship with a young wife and pose a number of challenges.

You grew up in a different time, so your friend can not be known joke from movies of your childhood, is not interested in the music you listen to in his youth. Do you speak different languages, and it will take a long time to begin to understand each other even in everyday situations.

The young lady, recently vyporhnuvshaya from the parental nest, hardly will have serious economic skills. Do not expect the young wife of stunning culinary skills or desire to engage in every day cleaning.

You come home from work, want to spend a quiet evening watching TV? Hardly your spouse will share your desire. Do not be surprised that she did not want to sit at home. Think of yourself at her age, you would also like to have fun and entertain.

No matter what the age difference between spouses, if they are connected by love and willingness to listen to the partner, they will overcome all difficulties.

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