Men's tips for good sex

Men's tips for good sex
 It's no secret that women and men have a few different opinions on how to be a good sex. But this is what allows them to experiment with, and try to seek, to find new opportunities for fun. That both partners were satisfied with the sexual relationship, they should listen to each other and to go towards the implementation of the partner desires. This model ensures that no sexual intercourse sexual problems.

The easiest way to find out what men think sex is good - is to ask them about it. On the basis of the most common male response to this question was drawn up a few rules.

Male gaze clings tight frank erotic clothing. But the most sexy and capable of long time to win the attention is the one that is closed to the extent and in the measure open to views. The most erotic been recognized long skirt with a slit through which you can see legs in stockings. Cut-out or closure, through which you can see the edge of the linen - it is also an example of understatement that excites men. Half-dressed woman seductive than completely nude.

No wonder they say that a man loves ears. Most recognize that their very exciting to listen to a woman calls him the perfect lover, moaning in bed or accidentally releases the compliments. Cheering manhood - is very important, and especially those that he appreciates above all. Lack of attention to his penis and testicles man will treat very sensitive.

Sudden sexy surprises - it turned out that many men from such crazy. Being at a party, try to whisper to him that you "accidentally" now there is no laundry, but then do not be surprised reaction. Triggering a rise sexy, be ready to proceed to the nook (and perhaps you have already looked after, before making such a strong statement).

Fatigue and daily difficulties at work, of course, a great deal to him mean, but try to meet him at the door when the man returns home in an erotic dress, shooting innocent eyes. Fatigue as a hand lift, that his boss would be surprised to learn how much power is hidden in the man at the end of the day!

All the men agreed on the fact that the woman herself should understand what she wants in bed, take the initiative to offer unexpected places for sex or pose petting and not be a "log". Live and mysterious, different every time, it will not give bored her man in bed.

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