Vacation on the island of Sardinia

Vacation on the island of Sardinia
 The name of the island of Sardinia was due to bizarre forms resembling sandals. A beautiful legend has it that this is where the Lord stepped into the ocean when he created the earth, and get a plot of land - it is nothing like the imprint of his feet.
 The climate is mild, so harsh winters did not happen at all, the holiday season opens in May and ends in November, when the water is heated to 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius. The most expensive month for the rest - it's August. This is due to the fact that in addition to foreign tourists at this time for the holidays leave the Italians themselves, respecting Sardinia. Therefore, we must be prepared for the fact that the prices will be much higher than in the first months of summer.

The main part of the island is occupied by the natural and archaeological sites. Sardinia is so comfortable that during the off-season here African flamingos fly nest.

Washed Sea Island is famous for its clear waters. Here you can see all shades of blue and blue colors. Beaches with golden sand, whose total length is about 2,000 kilometers, attract tourists, but holiday in Sardinia is interesting not only that.

The ancient history of the island is unique. In those days, when Europe conquered barbarians in Sardinia have learned to handle the metal, which is confirmed by excavations carried out. Attractions Sardinia associated with natural complexes and archaeological sites. This city Karalis, Tharros, Nora, formerly inhabited by the Phoenicians, the settlement of the Spaniards, Byzantines and Romans. Other attractions should be noted Nuraghe fortress, caves Isa Dzuddas with their unique stalactites and stalagmites,
One of the most famous resorts of the island - Costa Smeralda, here are flocking lovers surfing, diving and other outdoor activities.

Many come to the island with their children, for which all conditions. Developed animation will not let them get bored, and the presence of a special children's dishes in almost every hotel make life easier for parents to even the youngest kids. Developed infrastructure on a background of pure nature allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of Italy and improve their health by inhaling essential oils of coniferous trees, which are impregnated with air.

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Vacation on the island of Sardinia
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