How to spend the division of property upon divorce

How to spend the division of property upon divorce
 Marrying, the couple dream of a happy and long life together, but unfortunately, by parting no one is immune. As a general rule, in case of divorce spouses begin to divide the property, but often do not know how to do it properly and how to start.
 As a general rule acquired by the spouses during the marriage is their joint property ownership. This means that in a divorce is to be divided at the request of any of them. By the Matrimonial Property are: they have received pensions and other cash payments that do not have a special purpose; income of each of them from employment or business activities; acquired at the expense of those revenues movables and real estate; shares; securities and any other property, regardless of who is the spouse was actually paid and the name of one of them purchased.

In the event of a dispute as to agree on a consensus is not possible, the definition of spouses share in the common property, as well as his section produced in court. In addition to the statement of claim, you will need to submit to the court documents supporting your claim. If you are going to divide the property, attach proof of ownership documents (contract of sale, proof of ownership of housing). You also need to consider the case of a technical or cadastral passport (if available).

If you share any vehicle, the suit can be attached TCP (Vehicle Registration Document). In the division of furniture, appliances, or other things, provide the documents to them: warranty cards, cashier's checks.

The statement of claim can be put copies of all documents, but at the hearing, you must have on hand the originals. If you can not find the required documents, a petition to the court for the recovery of a particular organization or administrative body. The petition submitted in writing as an annex to the statement of claim or during the hearing of the case.

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