How to live with his parents

How to live with his parents
 The problem of fathers and children were at all times. With their parents find a common language is sometimes very difficult, and with her husband's parents doubly difficult, especially if you have to live with them. But, to find common ground with them just need to not spoil the nerves themselves or them or spouse.

For someone lives with his parents becomes a real torture. It depends on the husband's parents, and most of the daughters in law. From the beginning to try to tune in a positive way. Naturally, the coming into someone's home, feel like "fish in water" will not work, so you need to initially establish relations, and in any case does not interfere with the new family.

Be prepared for the fact that two housewives in the kitchen does not happen. Therefore in-law must initially agree on who and how to cook. If it is not inferior to you and says it will prepare itself - to give in and do not argue with her. Firstly, it is older than you, and secondly, look in any situation pluses. For a long family life you still have time to get bored with kitchen and everything connected with it, so relax, while you can.

Helps parents of her husband. They will appreciate this help. If you neglect your home, or work, then any dissatisfaction on their part, and the relationship can greatly deteriorate. Do not want to do anything together - send them to walk and do everything yourself.

Do not strain relations, if they are already far from ideal. Abuse scandals and you will not get anywhere. Remember that the husband's parents - is the closest people to him, and they should be treated with respect. Be indulgent if you see their behavior some blunders and mistakes, forgive them.

Do not ignore the parents spouse, if they try to you to prove anything or say. Listen to their opinion, if this opinion is adequate, but if you do not agree with it - do not argue or fight in. It is better to keep silent, draw conclusions, think and analyze it. Be wise and intelligent woman, and remember that a bad peace is better than a good quarrel.

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