How to fall in love with her husband

How to fall in love with her husband
 After a few years of marriage, the relationship between husband and wife are changing. None of the ardor of feeling and youth extremism, life and work take up all your time, and you both want romance and dating. Try to change and fall in love with her husband again.
 The most versatile tool to lift the mood and bring a favorite in order - this hike in the beauty salon. Pick up for itself a new haircut, refresh or change the color of hair, experiment with makeup. Find out what services can still offer master, try a new type of massage or wrap, make an intimate haircut. Think about the idea of ​​a temporary tattoo or even a stylish figure on a permanent part of the body, where it sees only the husband.

It makes sense to devote himself more than one day, at the same time give her husband the opportunity to miss you. Browse pages of fashion magazines or visit a stylist and change at least part of the wardrobe, buy a more vivid and spectacular clothes. Pay special attention to underwear. It is worth to buy something mind blowing, but at the same time, quality and comfortable to you. Select a couple of sets that are perfectly accentuate your figure and will submit it as soon as possible profitable.

Slightly loosen themselves from household chores - nothing terrible will happen if the dishes in the sink stand up one day. Husband interested in your absence, let alone what will happen to him when he sees you updated and refreshed! Call him at work, and assign a date in a cafe in a booth with a cozy intimate setting. Continue pleasant evening at home or in a hotel, store for marital sex some surprise in the form of a new position or a beautiful erotic film.

Change the home clothes, if she were bathrobes and slippers worn-. Trousers and shirts with beautiful low-cut, homemade dresses should be uniform for your home. Do not allow yourself to appear before her husband uncombed, with smeared makeup, in worn clothes. After all the other women he observes during the day, neatly dressed and made up to exit. Keep yourself in shape constantly.

Remember why the husband pay attention to you, when I started to take care of you in my youth. Think you have not lost these qualities over the years. Find a the immediate girl who captivated the hearts of men. Return to your vocabulary all those sweet words you whispered to her husband at the beginning of your relationship.

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